Geek & Co Space Farm

Kids are fascinated by things that are out of this world- outer space as a matter of fact. Yes, many kids always have those dreams of being able to venture out and explore outer space. Being an astronaut may not just be enough. Some may have dreams of living on other planets someday. While some parents may find it quite an ambitious dream, we just cannot be sure. For kids with dreams of exploring space, it helps to get them to start off learning about some science needed for the trip. One thing is trying to grow plants in outer space. The Geek & Co Space Farm can help introduce kids to how it can be done.

The Geek & Co Space Farm is a science kit that will enable kids to grow plants without soil or under a mini-greenhouse where the environment is controlled. Kids can try growing plants in test tubes using only liquid nutrients, an introduction into the science behind hydroponics. Kids can also try to grow plants in space-like environments under the set’s mini-greenhouse. Kids can learn how to make their own space gel where they can grow the plants in place of soil. The kit comes with a manual that comes with detailed instructions on how to grow plants in ways that will work in outer space.

The Geek & Co Space Farm can help teach kids the science behind growing plants and caring for them. It also helps them learn about horticultural principles. Not only that, this science gardening kit can also help them learn about being responsible and patient in trying to care for the plants on their own. The Geek & Co Space Farm is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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