Geek & Co Geeker Speaker Lab

Kids always love to explore and learn about different things. Although interests between kids may differ as they grow up, they all start off having this genuine interest over their surroundings. It enables them to know about things they see, hear, taste and touch all around them. Over time, they begin to develop ideas and understand how objects work or function through first-hand experience. Their sense of exploration continues until they still find many things interesting. Their curiosity fuels their drive to learn. Having tools like this Geek & Co Geeker Speaker Lab will help them learn more about sound and its properties.

The Geek & Co Geeker Speaker Lab features and interesting tool that turns music and different sounds into vibrations. it comes with a sound pod that kids can attach to different objects to test their resonance. Kids can try to explore which objects can produce the best sound output by simply putting the sound pod in contact with chosen objects that they think will produce their ideal sound.

Not only that, the Geek & Co Geeker Speaker Lab also comes with an activity and instruction book that will help guide the kids to perform certain scientific experiments. One of them is experimenting with sound and sand to create waves or other geometric patterns as sound and sand interact. kids can then move on to trying how sound waves can affect liquids. Other activities will enable kids to explore and learn more about the science of sound.

The Geek & Co Geeker Speaker Lab includes a sound pod speaker, tray, white sand and activity book. Kids will also require the use of other household items to complete some of the activities. This science and activity kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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