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Geek & Co Chocolate Science Lab

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Most kids love and enjoy eating chocolates. Once they get their hands on some treats, they usually never let go. Some of the kid’s interest in chocolate does not just stop at eating them. Some may want to learn how they are made. So why not give your kids some chocolate fun and learn some of the science behind it by giving them this Geek & Co Chocolate Science Lab.

The Geek & Co Chocolate Science Lab is a science kit for kids not just to make chocolate but also to learn about heat and the different phases of matter by using this ingredient. Basically, kids can try their hand at molding chocolate in different forms. The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to make chocolate and also learn about the process of tempering. A 16-page full color work book provides important chocolate facts and information such as where chocolate comes from and the many phases of matter it goes through when heat is applied to it.

The Geek & Co Chocolate Science Lab also comes with die cut box sheets, several chocolate molds, baking cups, clear wrapping foils, aluminum foil sheets, lollipop sticks, dipping fork, pick tool and many others. The kit also requires other items that can easily be found in any standard kitchen.

The Geek & Co Chocolate Science Lab helps kids develop their critical thinking as well as teach them the basics of following instructions and hone their interest in science. This science kit is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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