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Gazillion Bubble Monsoon

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Kids love bubbles. In fact, if it is up to most kids, they would love to be surrounded with bubbles. Well, that won’t really be possible, right? Not necessarily. You can help create a storm of bubbles for the kids with the help of the Gazillion Bubble Monsoon.

The Gazillion Bubble Monsoon is a bubble machine that can create a gazillion bubbles and blow them straight up into the air in an instant. It does not use a pump or require some waiting time in order to create them. You simply need to pour the non-toxic Gazillion Bubbles solution into the spout of the bubble machine, push the button to turn it on and watch the bubbles blow out of the machine and into the sky.

The Gazillion Bubble Monsoon comes with an 8oz. bottle of non-toxic Gazillion Bubbles solution to get the bubbles up and going at once. The bubble machine also requires 4AA batteries to operate, which is not included when you by the toy. Kids from 3 years old and up can play with the bubble machine, as long as parents or grown-ups are available to teach them how to operate it. The Gazillion Bubble Monsoon bubble machine is available at Toys R’ Us for $25.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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