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Furby, 2012 Edition

by admin

The must-have toy of the late 1990s is making a comeback in a generation when kids are playing with smartphones and tablets. Furby is back in the market with updated features that would make it look like a brand-new toy and not some retro plaything.

Like previous iterations of Furby, the 2012 edition comes out of the box speaking its own language. As kids play with their Furbies more often, they eventually speak some English phrases. The new Furby now comes with its own dictionary app available for free, so kids are not confused with their toys as they utter the ee-tays and noo-loos.

The new Furby behaves depending on how its owner plays with it. Their little owners can feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it, as well as shake, tilt or turn it upside down. Of course, positive actions yield to well-behaved Furbies, while badly-treated Furbies become angry and irritated.

Kids can simulate feeding their Furby by putting their finger on the toy’s mouth. There is also a free Furby app for iOS devices that lets them feed Furby with a variety of virtual foods, including hot pepper that would set “fire” in its eyes.

It also brings out the element of unpredictability, as each Furby has its own likes and dislikes. They may not react or behave the way you expect or the way you want. And just like in previous versions, Furbies placed beside each other can interact with one another. They may get along fine or even have exhibit bad attitude.

The 2012 Edition Furby is available in different colors, some are priced more expensive than the others. The Teal, Orange, and Black Furbies cost cheaper than the Yellow, White, and Purple versions.

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