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Fun with Fancy Nancy

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After running across Fancy Nancy while surfing on amazon, I went to Barnes and Noble to see it. It’s a good-sized picture book with great illustrations. Having a “Fancy Nancy” daughter who is three year old, it’s make the perfect story for bedtime.

Fancy Nancy is a little girl who loves everything fancy, and the fancier the better. If it’s shiny, sparkling, or glamorous, Nancy wants to wear it. She also tries to make her family be fancy too. Ordinary will never do for Nancy. Nancy like to dress fancy! Jane O’Connor weaves a tale of laughs, glamour, and adventure, with Fancy Nancy story.

My daughter absolutely loves this book. She loves to look at the pages and try to make her own story.
I also got her Fancy Nancy doll. She really loves this doll. She is so cute and looks just like the character in her books. She sleeps with her every night.

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