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Fun Rocks Science Kits

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Kids can certainly learn a lot of things when doing fun activities. It helps them retain what they discover while they enjoy doing certain tasks along the way. It certainly is a good decision by parents to let their kids have access to educational toy sets like the Fun Rocks Science Kits.

The Fun Rocks Science Kits will help kids learn more about the  science of rocks and minerals. The kits can be used for rock testing and identifying the different kinds of rocks and minerals. It will also help the kids learn how to classify them, thanks to a detailed learning guide that comes with the kit.

There are several Fun Rocks Science Kits available that kids can choose from. The Mineral Rocks kit will enable the kids to discover and learn about 15 mineral samples and learn how to test them for identification using a streak tester, nail as well as a magnifier. There is also the Metallic minerals kit that comes with 9 samples to test using a magnifying glass, nail and a streak plate. The Rocks in the US Kit contain 9 rock samples and a magnifying glass while the Sedimentary rock kit includes 15 rock samples to observe using the included magnifying glass.

While they play with the Fun Rocks Science Kits, kids can learn how to identify and classify the different rocks that come with the set. It will help them get a better perspective on rocks and not just see them as natural objects found on the ground. It will help open the door for many kids who take an interest in learning more about rocks and what they can learn from them. The different Fun Rocks Science Kits are ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for around $10 per kit.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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