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Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder

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Having unique toys to play with can sometimes boost up a kid’s imagination. Playing with the same toys over and over again will not help develop their creativity. Pretty soon, they will develop a mindset based on certain limits and boundaries. But you can always help nurture a more creative mindset by surrounding your kids with unique and imaginative toys like the Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder.

The Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder is a musical instrument with a unique twist. Kids can play music with it while creating bubbles. This toy makes music and bubbles go hand in hand. Kids only need to dip the bubble wand end into an included bubble solution. Kids then only need to blow on the other end of the recorder to create music and bubbles. The top holes enable the child to create four different notes. They can learn to make up a song or just play around with the sound while creating bubbles all around.

The Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder helps encourage kids to develop their musical interest and exploration in sound. The mouthpiece is designed so that the bubble solution does not come into contact with the kid’s mouth when blowing through it. The Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder is designed for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $5.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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