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Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot

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Many kids love to play with bubbles. They just love to see how it floats in the air and fills up the room. Kids giggle with excitement even at such a simple and interesting thing as a soap bubble. This Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot will even add some bit of fun and excitement as kids try to play with bubbles.

The Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot is more than just a bubble-making robot. It is a bubble-making robot that cannot just sit still. Kids will love playing with this robot as it goes around the room while making bubbles. The robot can spin and bump while it moves around safely. It never stops moving even when there are obstacles in its way. Kids only need to push a button and watch the Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot go. The toy set comes with a 4oz bubble solution, ensuring that kids can have enough bubbles to play with while watching the Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot go crazily around the room.

The Fubbles Bump ‘n Bubble Robot requires six AA batteries to work, which is not included with the toy. This toy is safe enough for three year olds and above to play with and enjoy watching. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $15.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us


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