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Frigits Marble Run

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As your kids grow up, they would want to find different ways to play. They may explore around the house to find areas where they can play. But sometimes, you may want to watch over them while they do. While you work something up in the kitchen, you may want your kids within view while they play. While the kitchen may not be the most ideal place to play, you can give your kids something to do nearby. The refrigerator door offers the best place if you have this Frigits Marble Run set for your kids.

The Frigits Marble Run is a unique building set for creating a kinetic playground out of your refrigerator door. The different pieces are affixed with magnets so they stick into the door during set up. Kids can then create a roller coaster ride or maze for a marble to travel in. the Frigits Marble Run comes with magnetic rails, buckets, ferris wheel and serpentine chutes to help kids arrange and build different tracks right on the refrigerator door.

The Frigits Marble Run is an interesting departure from toys that kids are accustomed to. The vertical setup also helps kids learn more about scientific principles such as inertia, gravity and forces. But more than that, kids will love the fact that they are playing on the refrigerator door. The Frigits Marble Run is a limited edition set that is ideal for kids 7 years old and up. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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