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The Four Language Talking Globe

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Learning about geography can easily become boring to many kids. They do not always feel like trying to memorize all the countries in the world and locate where they are on the map. Good for you if your kid can sit down and listen to you talk about world countries in alphabetical order. How about the capital cities in each country? Even adults may have a tall order trying to memorize all of them. The best way to keep kids interested in learning about geography is by making it interactive. The Four Language Talking Globe comes quite close to keeping geography interesting for kids.

The Four Language Talking Globe helps kids learn more than just the names of the countries and where to find them. It comes with a wireless talking stylus that comes with more than a handful of facts about each country on the globe. Kids simply use the stylus to choose a certain country or city on the globe. The stylus can then talk about interesting facts about any particular city or country. The globe can also play national anthems, provide population information, land area, historical facts and other geographic surprises.

The Four Language Talking Globe can teach in four languages- English, French, Spanish or German. To have some added fun, this talking globe also offers scavenger hunts and trivia challenges to test the kids on how much they have learned about geography. The talking globe also comes with a 48-page booklet that provides added fact and trivia using the talking stylus. The unit can be updated for free on the toy manufacturer’s website. The Four Language Talking Globe uses two AAA batteries and includes a USB cable for updating the unit. It is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $150.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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