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Flip To Win Memory Game

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Memory is one of the skills that kids need to develop while they are young. Once they develop good memory, it can influence how they develop other skills as well. There are toys that can help kids improve their memory in a fun way. The Flip To Win Memory Game is just one of them.

The Flip To Win Memory Game is a fun and engaging game that will help kids sharpen their memory the more they play it. The objective of the game is to try and find the location of matching pairs on the board. Players can choose from seven fun theme cards that they need to slide into the game board. The board comes with covered openings that players need to flip open to see what object it is hiding.

Each card comes with matching pairs that kids need to find out at the least possible time. If they open mismatched pairs, players need to close the covers and start again. The aim is to use their memory to remember the location of each matching pair on the board. The game may start with guesswork but will end up with using one’s memory to complete matching the pairs. The set also comes with a two-player scoreboard to keep track.

The Flip To Win Memory Game comes with a game board, seven back-to-back game cards. Everything conveniently stores inside the board, making it an ideal game to bring along while traveling. The Flip To Win Memory Game is ideal for kids from five to seven years old. It is available at Melissa & Doug for $13.

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