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Toddlers lead an interesting life because they spend most of their time exploring. What us adults already find boring and common to what we have grown accustomed to, kids still find interesting and fascinating. Many kids start their early education through this age of exploring where they learn to develop skills and abilities that will help them grow emotionally, mentally and physically. Kids do not consider them tasks they need to do. They are considered play. They do not use tools, but toys such as this Flip Fish plush toy.

As I said, toddlers find everything they see interesting the first time they see them. They will consider this Flip Fish plush toy just as fascinating. This plush fish is a great way for kids to learn more about their sensory abilities. The Flip Fish comes with cloth material of different textures that act as fish scales. They flip open to reveal different colored images and other fun ocean creatures. One fish scale houses a shatterproof mirror that will further allow kids to explore reflections and light. The tail squeaks when kids press it, teaching them the concept of cause and effect. The plush fish itself is quite cuddly and soft giving kids a toy that they can hug and feel comfortable playing.

The Flip Fish is made out of high quality materials and are durably stitched. This plush toy is also machine washable in cold water. An ideal toy that can become a toddler’s cuddly friend, the Flip Fish is available at Amazon for $17.

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