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Fling A Ring Classic Edition

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Many kids seldom go outside of their rooms to play. With video games, computers, tablets and smartphones always handy, many kids see no reason to ever go out to have fun. Most of them indulge is less and less physical activity in the process, eventually causing them to lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is the responsibility of parents to teach them the importance of physical activity and games. It certainly helps having toys like the Fling A Ring Classic Edition for kids to play with in the backyard.

The Fling A Ring Classic Edition features a classic game given a new twist. The game is similar to the horseshoe game where players try to throw a horseshoe or rings to snag a wooden stake placed a distance away. This time, players use a uniquely designed ring to a flag post placed five to 40 feet apart. Getting the ring within a ring’s diameter away from the post and the player gets one point. Touching the post with the ring gets two points. Getting the post inside one of the ring’s forked fingers is good for three points. For the experts, getting the post into the small circles near the middle of the rings gets a whopping four points. Players who gets 21 points first wins.

The Fling A Ring Classic Edition is a good toy to help encourage kids have fun with physical activities. It is easy to set up in any available vacant space. This toy also helps develop gross motor skills and encourage physical exercise among kids while having fun. The Fling A Ring Classic Edition comes with two pairs of colored discs in red and blue, a pair of top posts and a pair of bottom posts. It is made out of durable plastic materials that are kid-safe. The Fling A Ring Classic Edition is ideal for kids from five years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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