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Fit And Play Puzzle Set

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Educational toys can help kids learn about different things. But more than that, it also helps them find some fun in learning. Encouraging this can help kids build up some interest in learning as they grow up. Toys like the Fit And Play Puzzle Set aims to provide both kids with fun and learning in the activity.

The Fit And Play Puzzle Set is a shape sorting activity that many kids will find exciting and fun. It features a wooden dovetailed box that comes with a sliding cover composed of tiles. The tiles have holes that make up different shapes- a rectangle, a circle, and a diamond. Each shape is made up to two tiles placed side by side. This will allow kids to rearrange the tiles in order to create other shapes by combining the tiles. A red wooden button locks the tiles in place and unlocks them as well.

The Fit And Play Puzzle Set also comes with six shapes that kids can fit into the cut-out shapes on the tiles. This toy helps introduce kids to basic shapes as well as help them discover unique shapes that they can create by combining the different tiles.

The Fit And Play Puzzle Set helps kids develop their visual thinking skills as well as introduce them to the basic shape recognition. It also help them develop their fine motor skills, and creativity. This puzzle set is ideal for kids from one year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

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