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Fisher-Price Tap ‘n Turn Tool Bench

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Mental stimulation is very important in a child’s development. The way they use their minds at an early stage in development can help determine their intelligence and creativity later on. Toys that help stimulate their minds can contribute to its development over time. That is why it is a good way to have kids play with toys like the Fisher-Price Tap ‘n Turn Tool Bench.

The Fisher-Price Tap ‘n Turn Tool Bench is a toy that will get those toddlers to develop their early skills that will help them as they grow. With different activities to do, the kids will certainly be developing skills as they are having fun. The toy comes with a colorful plastic workbench with attached with different shaped  pegs in various colors. Kids then use a plastic hammer to drive the pegs into the bench. They can then turn the bench upside down and do it all over again. Kids will feel like they are hammering a nail.

With this simple yet fun toy, kids can learn how to develop their motor skills as they hammer away at each peg. Kids can also learn how to identify the different colors and shapes as they try to choose a particular peg in the workbench. The toy is made to be durable and is safe to play with. The Fisher-Price Tap ‘n Turn Tool Bench is ideal for kids from 1 year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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