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Fisher Price Stack & Roll Choo Choo Train Set

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While playing may be fun in the eyes of adults, it also serves an important purpose for babies. It helps promote the learning process. It helps our babies acquire the skills they need to develop and grow. For us adults, it might just be fun. But for the babies, it is learning time as well. Playing with toys such as the Fisher Price Stack & Roll Choo Choo train set can help achieve that purpose.

The Stack & Roll Choo Choo train set offers both the fun and learning stuff for inquisitive kids. It gives the classic stacking toy an upgrade of sorts by making it more interesting than using blocks. Babies will learn to stack together toy trains. The train cars come in different sizes to teach kids how to distinguish size relationships. They can also stack it from biggest to smallest and learn more about how things fit together. The three train cars comes with wheels and are also connectable,  allowing kids to push it around as they crawl along. It helps promote motors skills and build those muscles as babies learn to move about.  It also helps promote other sensory skills as well as hand-eye coordination and more.

The Stack & Roll Choo Choo train set comes with attractive animal designs and letters that can help introduce the alphabet to your kids early on. This lovable toy train is designed for kids from 3 to 36 months old. It is available at Fisher Price for $7.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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