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Fisher Price Smart Phone

by admin

With smart phones becoming a common device among grownups, even kids nowadays would want to have one. While kids won’t exactly look at a smart phone as something more than just a toy, parents would think that it would be great having one designed for kids. This Fisher Price Smart Phone would be just the toy kids would want to have.

The Fisher Price Smart Phone is designed just like a typical smart phone. It looks and sounds just like the real device, only with kids in mind as its users. And it is not just any toy replica of a smart phone. It can actually help kids learn things such as memorizing important phone numbers.

The Fisher Price Smart Phone comes with Gabby, an interactive phone friend that teaches kids not only the alphabets, numbers and even counting. It can also teach users how to keep in mind up to three important emergency phone numbers that are stored into it. There are also games, music ring tones and sounds that kids would enjoy while playing with the Fisher Price Smart Phone. This smart phone toy also comes with a color changing screen and a number pad to make it look just like a real mobile phone. The Fisher Price Smart Phone is available at Fisher Price for US$16.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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