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Fisher Price See N Say

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Kids learn about the things around them while they play. The more fun they have when they learn, the more they are able to retain it. That is why playing games as an educational tool is important. Kids can learn more if they have toys like the Fisher Price See N Say.

The Fisher Price See N Say is a classic toy that has been given a new twist. This particular toy helps kids associate animals with the sounds that they make. This toy features an animal wheel with an arrow pointer in the middle. There are 12 animal images on the wheel. Kids can point into a particular animal and pull on the string on the toy. Kids will then hear the farmer speaks about the chosen animal and the sound that it makes. The arrow whirls around while the sound is created.

The Fisher Price See N Say is slightly smaller than the original toy so that smaller hands can easily handle it. This toy is an amusing tool to teach kids about animal names and the sounds they make. They eventually develop the association with the sound and the animal. It also helps kids understand about cause and effect when they point the arrow on the animal and hear the sound it makes. It also helps develop their fine motor skills when they pull on the string. The sturdy plastic design makes it durable enough for kids to play with. It comes with a handle to make it easier to carry around. The Fisher Price See N Say toy is available at Fat Brain Toys for $22.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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