Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo

Babies like to have fun as they learn. They also love activities that keep them occupied. After all, that is usually the only way that you can keep them occupied and prevent them from crying out of boredom. The Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo will be a perfect toy for toddlers to have.

The Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo is more than just a fun and flexible baby seat. It gives your kid a way to move those muscles by jumping in place safely. The sturdy freestanding steel frame ensures that your baby is able to jump up and down inside the comfortable seat without any risk of injury.

The Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo also comes with a number of fun activities that the baby can explore. A variety of toy stations is available for the baby to play with. There are overhead toys that the kid can reach out to in order to activate lights and music. There are toy choices all around such as a bat-at monkey, fruit shape sorters, lion clicker, flipbook and butterfly roller ball to keep the baby entertained and occupied. The baby seat spins so that the baby can find and discover the toys all around.

The Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo also comes in both Learning and Music modes. Babies learn through sing-along songs and spoken words that introduce babies to colors, animal sounds, first words, and music. The Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo can foster active learning to kids that is both fun and entertaining. It is available at Toys R’ Us for US$123.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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