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Fisher Price My First Pyramid Puzzle

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It is a good idea to help kids learn solving puzzles, even at a very early age. Kids become more active and interested about the world around them by the time they learn to crawl or walk. Toddlers begin to learn about things either by themselves or through the assistance of parents. They begin to develop certain skills that help them progress year after year. Even at such an early age, kids learn to develop a problem-solving mind. Giving them toys like the My First Pyramid Puzzle from Fisher Price.

The My First Pyramid Puzzle is an activity toy that can help develop a child’s problem solving skills at an early age. It provides challenges that are not that difficult for kids to learn from. They can learn how to stack the blocks into a pyramid, from the big base down to the smaller ones on top. Kids can also have other clues such as matching the pictures on the pyramid sides. Kids can try twisting and spinning each block to match the picture and complete the scene. The four scenes include a lion, giraffe, monkey and elephant on each side. Connecting pegs help stack the pyramid securely.

The My First Pyramid Puzzle also helps develop a child’s visual recognition skills as well as their problem solving skills as they try to complete the pyramid puzzle. Kids also learn to develop their gross and fine motor skills by moving and adjusting the pyramid pieces and stacking them up the right way. The four pyramid pieces are made of durable wood but light enough for toddlers to move around. It is an ideal toy for kids from a year old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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