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Fisher-Price Cash Register

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Many kids love to role play at home. They try to imitate what adults do in their own way. Role playing also helps them learn many basic skills simply by trying to imitate some adult tasks. In the case of this Fisher-Price Cash Register, kids will learn about money, math and business.

The Fisher-Price Cash Register is actually a retro-style cash register which is inspired by a 1975 original toy. This cash register is able to introduce kids to how a cash register works and more. It features coin slots that fit specific coins. When kids press the Money buttons, the coins drop into the register. Pressing the Change Button and the coins roll down the ramp on the side. A crank on the side rings a bell and activates the drawer to open.

The Fisher-Price Cash Register comes with 9 coins that specifically fit into their respective coin slots. It helps kids to develop their fine motor skills, color recognition, counting as well as their money skills. Ideal for kids from 2 years old and above, the Fisher-Price Cash Register is available at Fat Brain Toys for $37.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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