Fish & Count Learning Game

When it comes to helping toddlers learn, making it fun and engaging does a lot. If you understand toddlers, they like bright colors and using their hands. Having toys that stimulates and allows them to do some activity can be a great learning tool to have. The Fish & Count Learning Game is just one example.

The Fish & Count Learning Game is a simple and yet interesting toy for kids to play with. It comes with a mini-pond made of colorful fabric that contains different felted fishes and other characters. There is also a soft and squeezable rod and reel with a self-stick bait. Toddlers only lower the bait into the pond to catch the fish. It is a fun way to teach kids the basic skills for fishing. But there is more to it than that.

The Fish & Count Learning Game may be a fishing activity of sorts, but it can also be a means to teach kids other things. There are many opportunities to learn about counting, color matching and sorting. Kids can also learn about color identification and develop creativity through storytelling and pretend play. The Fish & Count Learning Game is designed for kids from one year old and above. It is available at Melissa & Doug for $20.

Image Source: Melissa & Doug

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