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My First Mess-Free Touch-Lights

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Teaching kids how to develop their creativity is not all about serious hard work. Sometimes, letting the child play can be a better way of harnessing creativity. Kids who have fun and play with creative toys can help open up their minds and unleash their creativity at an early age. The My First Mess-Free Touch-Lights is just but one example of toys to enhance a child’s creativity.

The My First Mess-Free Touch-Lights is a unique drawing pad that is more than what kids know. It is a gel drawing pad that features lights and music to enhance a child’s visual stimulation. When kids use their fingers or the stylus to draw on the pad, bright lights suddenly appear before their eyes. In a way, kids may feel that they are drawing using light. There is a bright yellow button on the drawing pad. Kids can press this button to watch the lights change into 12 different colors. Pressing the button can also introduce 12 different songs for the kids to enjoy. The drawing pad also comes with a built-in easy-grip stylus that kids can use in place of their fingers.

The My First Mess-Free Touch-Lights helps develop a child’s creativity as he or she tries drawing on the pad that lights up with every line and stroke. It can also develop a child’s fine motor skills and sensory learning. This toy is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $29.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys


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