My First Double Doodle

Many kids love to draw. The only thing is that many of them try to use almost any surface as their canvas, the walls, doors, tables and even the floor. It helps to give kids to focus their drawing and artistic skills into a common drawing board instead. The My First Double Doodle will do quite well for this task.

The My First Double Doodle is a unique double-sided drawing board that comes with a wipe clean surface and a gel-painting one. Kids can use crayons to draw on the wipe clean surface, simply using a soft cloth to erase. Flip the board on the other side and kids get to play with the gel-painting surface. Kids only need to run their fingers into the blue surface to create a path of bright yellow line. Kids can be creative moving their fingers on the gel surface to draw. The lines will just disappear as if by magic if you leave it for a while.

The My First Double Doodle drawing board helps kids develop their creative skills in drawing. Kid can also doodle as much as they want without making a mess. The set comes with a double-sided board and three washable crayons. The My First Double Doodle is ideal for kids who love to draw from 1 year old and up. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $12.

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