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Fireworks Light Show Launcher

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It is always nice to marvel at the fireworks during the New Year or the 4th of July celebrations. The light show is always an awesome sight to behold, with colors bursting into the air and lighting up the night sky. But you always have to wait for such occasions to marvel at them. But there is a toy that will help you create your own fireworks light show in your very own room. The Fireworks Light Show Launcher from Uncle Milton is the toy that you are looking for.

The Fireworks Light Show Launcher is a new toy that may be unlike other toys you play with. It can literally light up your entire room with your own fireworks show. The Fireworks Light Show Launcher is a portable light show that fills your room with different firework displays. You can choose from eight built-in fireworks image options available. Once done, you can then pump on the launcher, aim it at a wall or ceiling, pull the trigger and you get a spectacular fireworks light show that expands, filling up your room. What makes it even more fun is that the fireworks display is accompanied with booming sound effects to complete the light show experience.

This cool hand-held launcher will give you and your friends an amazing light show experience whenever you want. This toy requires 3AA batteries. It is designed for kids 6 years old and above who love fireworks. The Fireworks Light Show Launcher is available at Uncle Milton for $35.

Image Source: Uncle Milton

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