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Find It Games On The Farm Hidden Object Game

by dennis

Children really love to explore and find things al the time. That is why they get to enjoy playing hidden object games. Not only is it fun, it also helps young kids develop their mental focus and observation skills as well. Toys like the On The Farm hidden object game from Find It games will help kids develop such skills and enjoy doing it, too.

The On The Farm hidden object game toy, just like its name suggests, is patterned after what one might see on the farm. In this case, kids will need to find hidden objects that are considered as a part of the farm. From animals to farm equipment, the objective of the game is to find the miniature items hidden inside a farm silo-shaped cylinder. There are around 42 objects to find hidden inside among the bright colored pellets.

Kids need to move the cylinder up and about in order to find the hidden objects inside. The game also comes with a checklist of items that players can find. There are game score cards as well to help players keep track of their progress in the game. The On The Farm game can be played either by a single player or even by a group. It is designed for kids 4 years old and up. The On The Farm hidden object game toy is available at Amazon for US$22.

Image Source: Amazon

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