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Fifth Gear Game Set

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Some kids love playing not only fun but also interesting games. There are games that can challenge their wits to no end. There are some games that can also stimulate their competitive juices as they play with friends. This Fifth Gear Game Set is just an example of a toy that can do both.

The Fifth Gear Game Set is a unique and interesting game of gears and numbers. It features gears in different color groups, a platform full of pegs where players need to place the gears, numbered tokens and a pair of 12-sided dice along with a guide containing detailed rules and instructions. In this game, players first place the number tokens randomly on top of each peg of the game board. Each player is the given a set of six gears of the same color to use in the game. The objective is to place the gears into the numbered pegs based on what comes out on the dice roll during their turn. It all starts with a white gear placed in the middle of the game board. After rolling the pair of 12-sided dice, players can either choose to place their gears on the two pegs with matching numbers that come out during the dice roll or on a single peg that indicates the sum of their dice numbers.

During the game, players may roll the dice and get a number or numbers with pegs already containing an opponent’s gear. In this case, players on the current turn can bump off a single gear and replace it with their own. As the game progresses, the pegs are filled with more and more gears, making the game even more interesting. The game goes on until a player is able to connect a string of five gears into the middle white gear on the board.

The Fifth Gear Game Set helps encourage kids to develop their fine motor skills as well as hone their skill in addition. The game also helps develop their skills in logic and strategy creation. Ideal for kids from 8 years old and above, the Fifth Gear Game Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $28.

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