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The Extraordinaires Design Studio

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Kids love to create things using their imagination. But sometimes, trying to translate that into something they can see sometimes makes it difficult. Some kids may have something they like to draw but cannot seem to get it right on paper. All it may take is practice and tools like the Extraordinaires Design Studio to help develop such skills.

The Extraordinaires Design Studio helps put a process to creating characters you can draw from your mind. This tool can help kids create characters and objects by providing step-by-step instructions from start to finish. This design kit features different cards that will help kids design their own characters by building them from the ground up. There are 15 character cards to help kids choose the type of character they wish to develop. There are also object cards that will help provide the characters with object they can have with them. The think cards provide kids with fun questions designed to help them develop, design and improve their characters. Kids can then start drawing them using the accompanying drawing pen and idea sheets.

The Extraordinaires Design Studio is developed to help kids learn how to develop ideas they have in mind. They may not be able to draw well at first. But once they get the hang of it, they will find it easier to translate their creative ideas into paper. The Extraordinaires Design Studio design set comes with 15 fully illustrated character cards, 15 object cards, 30 think cards, a 50-sheet idea pad, a drawing pen and a durable design case that stores everything securely. The Extraordinaires Design Studio is designed for kids 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $40.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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