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Explore the World Board Game

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Many kids love the idea of traveling around the world. While their young age may prevent them from taking such an adventure, that does not necessarily mean that they cannot explore the world. There are different ways kids can learn more about the world. This Explore The World board game is a great way to start a worldly adventure right at home.

The Explore The World board game is an interesting game that deals with travel trivia and geography. Kids can learn more about different countries all over the world and interesting tidbits of knowledge about them while playing the game. The game consists of three separate card decks- flag cards, travel cards and question cards. Flag cards contain a picture of a country’s flag along with three questions related to that country. Answering each question allows players to advance one space in the game board. Travel cards come with fun and interesting facts coupled with an activity that a player needs to accomplish. Question cards contain trivia questions that players need to answer.

The Explore the World board game is an exciting way to learn more about the world right in the comfort of home. Playing the game is fun and quite the learning experience. It is ideal for family play as well as kids from 7 years old and above. The Explore the World board game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $19.

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