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Everyday Princess ZipBin Dollhouse Backpack

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Girls love to play with dolls and dollhouses. It helps them engage in some imaginative role play that they sometimes like to do with their friends. That is why having toys that they can bring along with them to a friend’s house or even to school can help a lot in their development. The Everyday Princess ZipBin Dollhouse Backpack can help provide the venue for this doll games kid girls play.

The Everyday Princess ZipBin Dollhouse Backpack is a convenient and portable doll house that also works as a backpack, or the other way around. Kid girls can always bring it along with them, along with the included Everyday Princess fashion doll to share and play with their other friends. Kids only need to unzip the backpack and set up the portable doll house. There is a two-level interior that features the lovely interiors of a home. The top floor features a printed bedroom with a printed bed, desk, vanity shelf and window. The lower room features a printed couch, oven, refrigerator, dog house, and chair. The unzipped back panel comes with a printed pool and sidewalk graphics when laid flat. A pair of stabilizer strips help keep the portable doll house back pack upright.

Kids can now play with their portable dollhouse and doll wherever they feel like playing. It is a good way for kids to socialize with friends as they play. It can also help encourage imagination and creativity as they play in the front porch, classroom, campsite, playground or just about anywhere. The Everyday Princess ZipBin Dollhouse Backpack is ideal for kid girls 3 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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