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Euler’s Disk

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Kids can be fascinated with a lot of things. But what would most interest them include things that are visually appealing that seem to defy some natural law they have already imagined. As toys, it would help kids become more interested in the world around them. That is why this Euler’s Disk will certainly be something that would fascinate any kid to no end.

The Euler’s Disk is a scientific toy that can set any child’s imagination spinning, literally. It is composed of a chrome plated steel disk and a concave mirror base. Endless fascination starts when the steel disk is spun on top of the mirror base similar to spinning a coin. Kids can then just sit back, watch and become even more fascinated.

The Euler’s Disk appeal comes when the steel disk continues on spinning and rolling even when the kids think that it may be slowing down to a stop. It becomes a magical wonder as the disk never seems to stop from sprolling, or spinning and rolling. Kids can also attach magnetic holographic stickers into the steel disk to add some color as it spins. Shining a flashlight on the disk as it does its spinning can also create a magical effect. Kids can even set up a game by adding arrows and see to whom it will point once the disk finally stops spinning.

The Euler’s Disk can be fascinating enough to help kids become more interested in physics. It can also heighten their curiosity about things around them. And by reading more about the effects, it can teach the kids about kinetic and potential energy. Not only that, the visual stimulation the get can entertain them as well. The Euler’s Disk is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $35.

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