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Elite Fleet Sky Screamer

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Paper airplanes are probably one of the first flying toys that many kids can play with. Aside from being readily available and easy to make, paper airplanes help kids understand the basics of aerodynamics. Parents can even introduce the history of flight to kids while playing with the paper airplane. After a while, some kids will try to reach for greater heights for their paper airplanes. But their arms can only throw the paper airplanes so high. A better option would be to transition to gliders like the Elite Fleet Sky Screamer.

The Elite Fleet Sky Screamer is a unique glider that provides a boost in power with a handy catapult launcher. This helps the Elite Fleet Sky Screamer reach greater heights, up to 35 feet into the air. Kids only need to hook the rubber band of the launcher onto the glider. Pull the glider back by the tail and then release. The Elite Fleet Sky Screamer will then glide through the air. It also whistles as it glides, hence the name Sky Screamer.

This unique looking glider comes with adjustable wings made of durable ripstop vinyl. It helps develop a kid’s gross motor skills and a better understanding of cause and effect. This glider can also help keep up a child’s interest in aviation. The Elite Fleet Sky Screamer is designed for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $10.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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