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Elemental Path CogniToys

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Toys also evolve along with technology. There are now toys today that did not exist decades ago. Technology also advances the features that many may consider today as toys. From robotics to artificial intelligence, modern toys aim to provide a level of play for kids that we as adults were not able to enjoy. Toys like the CogniToys from Elemental Path are just but some examples.

CogniToys is a concept for a toy developed by Elemental Path that is vastly different from toys most people, or kids, are accustomed to. This type of toy actually interacts with kids and learns along with them. CogniToys are smart toys with speech and personality. First of all, it is powered by IBM Watson, the supercomputer that gives the toy its AI features. It is also speech-enabled, allowing kids to have conversations with it. Kids can ask a question and the CogniToy responds appropriately. The toy connects to the supercomputer via Internet and on the cloud. Kids push a button on the toy to initiate a conversation. Then the CogniToy will respond and then ask questions as well.

CogniToys become more than just smart toys. They can also become a child’s companion and the two have back and forth conversations. Kids learn many things from the CogniToy as it becomes an educational tool to teach kids how to spell, count and even build their vocabulary. The CogniToy can then keep track of the child’s progress over the years and will begin to ask more sophisticated questions based on that progress. In a way, the child’s CogniToy grows and develops along with the child. Kids will eventually build a special bond with this toy that can develop as they grow. It may be a type of toy that kids will never outgrow. Elemental Path is currently conducting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for producing the one-of-a-kind toys. The company is planning to first release the CogniToy GreenDino once everything is in place. CogniToys in other colors and characters are also part of the plan. Those who wish to give their kids one can contribute from $89 to $99 to their Kickstarter campaign. The toys are expected to ship November of this year.

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