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Electronic Catch Phrase Decades Game

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As kids grow up, they learn to enjoy different types of games. By the time they start elementary school, their tastes somehow changes when it comes to what game they like to play. As they start to learn how to read and spell, they begin to enjoy playing word games. Soon, they get to collect a treasure trove of words in their vocabulary that will make then enjoy playing games like this Electronic Catch Phrase Decades Game.

The Electronic Catch Phrase Decades Game is ideal not only for the kids but for their parents as well. It is a game that challenges players to guess words or phrases. Part of the challenge is knowing different words and phrases that are popular during the different decades. Players need to dig deep in order to guess words or phrases popular from the 70’s down to the current ones.

The Electronic Catch Phrase Decades Game has simple rules to follow. Players only need to grab the device when it is their time to guess the word on the display. The device holder then needs to provide words or phrases as clues for teammates to guess. No rhyming words or first letters allowed as clues. Once the word or phrase is guessed, the device is handed to the other team for their chance to guess this time. A built-in timer keeps track of time and buzzes when time is over. Scores appear on the display to indicate who wins each round. There are over 5,000 words or phrases to guess. The Electronic Catch Phrase Decades Game is ideal for family gatherings and playing with friends. It is available at Toys R’ Us for $20.

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