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Electronic Butterfly In A Jar

by dennis

Everyone is fascinated by the colors and the grace of the butterflies, most especially the kids. It is usually a common experience having to keep one of these beautiful creatures in a bottle when caught to marvel at their beauty and magnificent colors up close. But then, doing so will cause them to also die eventually. And so, as a more sensible alternative, here’s the Electronic Butterfly in a Jar instead for you to enjoy up close.

The Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is just one of those simple devices that can help you enjoy those marvelous creatures from up close and without the guilt upon their demise. This ordinary looking jar comes with an artificial but realistic looking butterfly that is attached to an invisible wire inside, making the butterfly look like it is suspended in midair. The electronics found inside the jar include a sensor that reacts to sound or a tap on the bottle cap. This causes the wire to suddenly move around, making the butterfly attached to it move about, as if it is alive.

The Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is something that might also be quite fascinating to kids who like to see interesting creatures like butterflies from up close. But be careful since pet cats may also be quite attracted to this toy. Make sure to keep it out of their reach. The Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is available at ThinkGeek for US$20.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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