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Electronic Arcade Basketball

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Kids may have a love for different sports activities. Once they have chosen a particular sport that they enjoy and have fun doing, they usually get hooked to it. Soon, their choices and basis for having fun activities can revolved around that chosen sport. For basketball fans, having this Electronic Arcade Basketball will surely be a blast.
With the Electronic Arcade Basketball, you can always play with your friends shooting hoops. But this time, you do not have to break a sweat that much. This toy allows you to shoot baskets with a flick of your thumb. This shooter game features two miniature basketball rings side by side for game competitors. Each basketball ring as its own spring-powered catapults from where the balls are launched. Kids need to control the trajectory and the release of the ball from the catapult in order to launch the ball into the ring. Players can compete with each other in 1-minute rounds to see who can shoot the most baskets. There is a scoreboard that also keeps track of player scores.
The Electronic Arcade Basketball is just like those games found at the arcade, made miniature to give kids an opportunity to shoot hoops at home or just about anywhere. The game helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination, focus as well as their sportsmanship through friendly competition. The Electronic Arcade Basketball is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.
Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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