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Education Outdoors Snipe Hunt

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Some toys are designed to be handled and played with. Some are better off hidden. This may sound puzzling but it is what the Snipe Hunt by Education Outdoors Inc. is all about. The thrill and fun is in trying to find this toy.

The Snipe Hunt is actually an indoor or outdoor hide and seek game for kids. The game starts with either two players or two groups. Each one comes with a toy animal called snipe that they may need to hide somewhere in the area. The objective of the game is for the players to seek and find out where their opponent’s snipe is hidden. But that is not all there is to it.

The hidden snipes can also provide the players with hints to their location. After a certain period of time when the players still fail to find them, the snipes will give out a chirping sound that may alert someone nearby to its location. If that is still not enough, the snipe’s eyes will begin to light up and blink aside from chirping. And when a snipe has been discovered, the players that can place the snipe into a designated nest area win the game. It is a simple and yet fun and enjoyable game for two or more players. The Snipe Hunt is expected to be available in the market any time now. It is expected to cost around US$25.

Image Source: Education Outdoors

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