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Edu-Toys Periscope

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Some kids can feel the effects of being small. They cannot view through their other taller friends. Walls and fences can block their view. Some even need to climb on elevated platforms or on top chairs and tables just to get a good view of what others can normally see. It can be a challenge for some kids. But they can also use a unique to such problems by having the Edu-Toys Periscope around.

The Edu-Toys Periscope will enable kids see things in a new light. It will provide them with the same view as other taller friends. This periscope is adjustable and can extend from 21 to 29 inches. The handle is also adjustable for 180 degrees to make it easier for kids to find the most ideal viewing angle. The rubber eyepiece makes peering into the viewfinder more comfortable. The protected lenses ensure that kids always get a clear view through the Edu-Toys Periscope. Using this toy can help kids develop their gross motor skills, creativity and promote outdoor exercise. This toy is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. The Edu-Toys Periscope is available at Fat Brain Toys for $29.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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