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Early Rider Spherovelo

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It is important that toddlers learn how to develop their balance and coordination before they can learn to walk. Some kids who develop these skills late will also learn to move about on their own at a later age. You can help your kids develop balance and coordination by letting them use the Early Rider Spherovelo.

The Spherovelo is a unique looking ride-on toy that can help kids learn about balance and coordination at an early age. It features an interesting design for a ride-on toy- two spheres attached together and affixed with handlebars. The design provides better stability to make it safer for kids to ride on. It also comes with stabilizer wheels that will help toddlers feel stable as they learn to ride the Spherovelo. It can teach them how to balance as early as 7 months. It also helps develop the muscles that kids can use to learn how to stand up and balance on their own two feet. It is good in developing early motor skills and coordination.

As the kid grows and finally learns to balance, the stabilizers on the Spherovelo can be removed to help kids develop better control and balance. It will help them move to learning how to eventually ride a bike. The Spherovelo is made out of light but durable polyurethane spheres and is designed for kids from as early as 7 months to two years of age. The Spherovelo is available at Amazon for $110.

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