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Drop Zone High Performance Glider

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Kids love to play with things that fly. Paper airplanes come to mind. But then kids will want something different once they get tired of flying paper airplanes. There are remote controlled planes, but they are not always ideal for younger kids to play with. And then there is this new Drop Zone High Performance Glider from International Playthings that kids can try out.

The Drop Zone High Performance Glider is a unique workable glider that kids will have fun playing. This glider comes with a 28-inch wingspan and a cockpit as well as a cargo bay that can carry a payload. The cargo bay door can open up by setting the timer. Kids can try to let the plane glide and then drop a payload while in flight. Kids can experiment with timing the cargo bay opening to drop the payload at a certain target. The can also try to calculate the angles as well as the wind speed to make it more accurate. The set comes with the glider, multiple payloads, a target, decal stickers to customize the glider and a 24-page full color book with assembly instructions and use. The Drop Zone High Performance Glider is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above. It is available for pre-order at the International Playthings site for $40.

Image Source: International Playthings

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