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Dr. Who: 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

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A friend of mine is a huge fan of Dr. Who, the science fiction TV series that has been around since 1963. She often inserted Dr. Who-related topics in our conversations even though I am not a big fan of the show, or with science fiction overall. The one thing that got her excited the most is the upcoming “sonic screwdriver” that will be available in Amazon on May 10th.

Having not watched a single Dr. Who episode, I had (and still have) no idea what makes a screwdriver sonic. I looked it up on the online retail site anyway and realized that it was being sold as a toy. I had no idea screwdrivers can be used as toys, but it turns out the toy is not made from an actual screwdriver. Perhaps I need to watch this series to get me acquainted.

Apparently, the upcoming sonic screwdriver is owned by the 11th Doctor and is larger than previous ones. (Different Doctor Who’s have had differently designed sonic screwdrivers.) The 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver is a “multi-purpose tool” that comes with numerous settings and can be controlled at a simple press of a thumb.

This particular screwdriver features a green LED light and can be extended much like the actual TV prop, thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism that can be activated by pressing a button. It even has different sound effects in two modes: the Closed mode, the sonic screwdriver as is; and the Open mode, that can be accessed by flipping open the cap at the end while the sonic screwdriver is extended, and revealing an additional button that activates it. This toy requires three L1154 batteries.

It may not be an educational tool, but this sonic screwdriver could make a great make-pretend toy that can enhance a child’s creativity. I’m still decided whether to buy this yet for my twins, though.

The 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver by Underground Toys is available at Amazon for a listed price of $34.99.

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