Dormi Baby Monitor Android App

Parents are always concerned of their baby’s condition. However, due to other important tasks at hand, they may not always be able to do this. Even moms sometimes can leave the baby unattended for a certain time when doing some housework or other tasks. It helps if parents taking on baby duty to have an aid to always look after the baby even when they are on a different room. The Dormi Baby Monitor Android App is a good tool to have around to help keep watch over the baby.

The Dormi Baby Monitor from Sleek Bit is a useful app to help parents always keep an ear on the baby even while in a different room in the house. It works by pairing up two or more Android devices- one placed on the baby’s room and the other device or devices in the hands of the parents. The child device can monitor if the baby is crying using the microphone of the device. The app automatically adjusts the mic sensitivity to amplify baby cries and reduce background noise. By pressing the Listen button, the app can alert mom or dad if the baby is crying. The app can also alert the parent device with a gentle beep or vibration if the babe device detects the baby crying. The Dormi Baby Monitor also comes with a Speak feature that will allow mom or dad to speak into their device to soothe the baby even while in a different room.

What makes the Dormi Baby Monitor useful and valuable is that it makes use of different connection routes to keep both the child and parent device connected. It can make use of WiFi, Edge, 3G, 4G or LTE to keep both devices connected. It can even pair the devices even when there is no internet connection by using WiFi Direct or Hotspot features of the Android devices. The parent device also provides information about the child device. Parents can check the battery level, connection and whether there were any messages received from the child device. And when both devices lose their connection, the app alerts the parent device as proper notification of the situation. The Dormi Baby Monitor is a good alternative for parents if they have at least two Android devices at home. They can use the app instead of purchasing a more costly baby monitor. It is available at Google Play for download. The app offers up to four hours of free monitoring each week. Unlimited monitoring requires payment, with the rates available on the Sleek Bit site.

Image Source: Google Play

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