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Don’t Make Me Laugh Game

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Holidays are all about family get-togethers and fun times. It is a time when friends and family members get to meet up and share good times. Games may also be part of the program during these holiday parties. It helps to have games that both kids and adults can engage in for some good natured fun. The Don’t Make Me Laugh Game fits this bill perfectly.

The Don’t Make Me Laugh Game is a fun and entertaining game for kids and for the whole family. The game is not about competition at all. It is about having fun and laughs. The game will try to unlock those hidden chuckles and aim to tickle your funny bones. The game features 100 Improve cards that contain instructions on what you need to act in front of the audience. The instructions aim to bring out the goofiness in you and elicit laughs from everyone else. Players do their best to act out the instructions the best and the goofiest they can. It comes with a lot of surprises that will make everyone laugh.

The Don’t Make Me Laugh Game also comes with 17 Award Title Cards for the best actors, a clown nose for the host, 5 cloth goodie bags for the winners, 55 Award Tokens, 15 Jelly Bands and a Parent Guide to play the game. This game is for 2 or more players from 5 years old and above. The Don’t Make Me Laugh Game is available at Toys R’ Us for $25.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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