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Doc McStuffins Otoscope Projector

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Kids love to role-play all the time. They sometimes would want to play as a doctor taking care of patients. It helps if they have some make-believe doctor’s tools to play with. The Doc McStuffins Otoscope Projector may be a unique toy for kids to play with. An otoscope is a medical device that doctors use to look inside the ears. But because it is from Doc McStuffins, kids can use it in a different kind of way. It just looks like a medical ear examination device, but it is more than that. The Doc McStuffins Otoscope Projector can project the colorful slides that come with the toy. It features Doc McStuffins and her lovable cast of characters including Stuffy, Lambie, Glo-Bo and Chilly. Kids only need to click on the light handle to shine the projector on any smooth surface. The button on top of the scope changes into one of the 12 colorful slides to project. Kids can play the role of Doc McStuffins as they go through the slides one by one. This toy is designed for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at the Disney Store for $6. Image Source: Disney Store

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