Doc McStuffins Happy Hauler

Kids always love to go around the house. They usually bring their toys along with them. But when they want to carry along a lot of toys to a certain room, they certainly need a carrier. The Doc McStuffins Happy Hauler will be a great toy to have around in this type of situation for your small girl.

The Doc McStuffins Happy Hauler is a handy toy wagon for kid girls that also doubles as a ride-on cart. The wagon handle acts as the seat of the cart when closed. It comes with a custom easy grip handle for pulling as a wagon and as a handle as a ride-on. There is also a button that plays a tune or other sounds.

The Doc McStuffins Happy Hauler is an ideal toy for kid girls that move their toys around the house. It is also designed for both indoor and outdoor play. It provides the kids with the means of storing and protecting those things.  This toy wagon and ride-on cart is available at Toys R’ Us for $40.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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