Disney Playmation Makes Kids The Action Heroes

As technology develops, so does the way some kids play. From video games, to tablets and robots, kids now have a variety of high tech toys to choose from. Some companies are even developing more creative ways for kids to play. None can be more interesting in terms of game play than the upcoming Disney Playmation line of toys.

The Disney Playmation playset is more than just a game that kids usually play. It combines tech toys with role playing games that kids will love to play by going on an adventure. This line of toys allow kids to combine role playing games with physical activities. With the Disney Playmation toy line, kids can become part of the story and can take their game wherever they might be. This line of toys include wearable tech toys along with software to give kids an exciting and interesting way of playing. There are also Power Activators and Smart Figures that kids can include in their adventure. Disney Playmation works with a mobile app. Kids try to complete missions. Kids try to use their imagination on how to complete these missions as they become the focal point of the adventure.

The Disney Playmation is also designed to be a multiplayer toy, where kids with different Playmation sets can sync their gear and play together on an exciting adventure. The Disney Playmation is set to come up with the Avenger’s starter pack when it becomes available sometime in October. Other sets in their plans include those for Star Wars and even the popular Frozen. The Avengers starter pack are available for pre-order sometime in July and will be around $120.
Image Source: Nerdist

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