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Disney 11-Inch Classic Merida Doll

by admin

Disney/ Pixar’s latest animation flick “Brave” breaks many stereotypes we usually see in so-called “princess” movies. For one, lead character Merida does not need a prince to have a happy ending and her archery skills proves she is not your typical damsel-in-distress. What a great way to teach your daughters the values of ambition and independence with this 11-inch Merida Brave doll from Disney!

This Merida figure resembles the red-haired heroine we admire in the movie. It is wrapped around in her Adventure Dress as seen in the movie. It also has a detachable cloak, removable archery glove, shoes, bow, bow compartment, and arrow accessories. This doll’s arms and legs are bendable for added role play effect.

The Disney Brave Merida Doll is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $26.98. Ideal for children ages three and up.

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