Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick

Kids playing make-believe sometimes need props to help them act out what their active imaginations can conjure. If it is not the appropriate costumes, having puppets are also good examples of props to fuel a kid’s imagination. If you are looking for one, the Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick may be a good example.

The Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick toys from Educational Insights are simple and yet unique puppets for kids to play with in many creative ways. They can use dinosaurs for characters in their proposed puppet show. As its name suggests, the Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick is simply like that. To move the puppet’s mouth to speak, kids only need to use the thumb lever in the middle of the handle or use the chunky knob at the end of the stick. With practice, kids can easily learn how to time their voices with the dinosaur puppet’s mouth movements.

The Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick is a good way for kids to encourage them to speak up and develop their communication skills. It can also help encourage a child’s means of self-expression. Designed for kids from 3 years old and above, the Dinosaur Puppet-On-A-Stick is available at Educational Insights for $9. Kids can choose from three dinosaur characters available.

Image Source: Educational Insights

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