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Dinner Winner Kids Plate

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Many parents face many challenges trying to raise a kid. Early on, the challenges can range from keeping them busy with fun activities to eating. The latter can really be difficult for some parents. There are kids that just do not find eating well interesting enough. For sure, making it more fun will do the trick. Parents can consider using this Dinner Winner Kids Plate to make eating even fun.

The Dinner Winner Kids Plate can make a board game out of eating meals. This special plate comes with seven slots where parents can place meal portions. It comes with a start and finish slots. Kids can have fun and be encouraged to eat more by giving them an objective of finishing a game. Each slot also comes with encouraging words to spur kids to finish the meal. It will even be encouraging if parents place a treat for the kids on the last slot, which comes with a cover to make it a surprise and add into the excitement.

The Dinner Winner Kids Plate can also help parents develop different games to play. Not only will it help kids eat better, it can also help kids learn how to follow directions. It helps make every meal an important activity. The Dinner Winner Kids Plate is available at Fat Brain Toys for $20.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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